About Us

Family Homestay

Family Homestay  is a very special place to stay during your visit in Yogyakarta.

It is strategically located at the heart of Yogyakarta which is only 5 minutes on foot to Malioboro Street, the most famous shopping centre in Yogyakarta.

It has also a quick access to Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) which is only 60 – 90 minutes by taxi and to the train station for only 5 minutes.

Family Homestay  has Mawar Room, Anggrek and Bougenville Room and they are all facilitated with private bathroom, shower, hot and cold water, Local TV.

Our staffs are ready to serve all the guests for an unforgettable stay in Yogyakarta.

Tourist Attraction:
Borobudur temple is only 1 hour drive, the biggest Buddhist monument in the world.

Prambanan temple is located 17 km from hotel, also one of biggest Hindus temple in the world.
Ramayana Ballet is fantastic traditional performance played by over 200 dancers.

It is performed every summer at the original place, Prambanan Temple.
Kraton (Sultan Place) the heart of Javanese culture is only 10 minutes on foot from the hotel.

Merapi, the most active volcano in Indonesia is located on the north of Yogyakarta.

Family Homestay can arrange a private transport/tour for only about 45 minutes drive.

Parangtritis is South Ocean and also one of holy places in Yogyakarta, located just 25 km from the hotel.

Malioboro street is the best choice for your shopping to find local souvenirs for friends and family.

After commercial activities the street is transferred to food bazaar.

You may find small restaurants along the street offering local food.

Family Homestay

Family Homestay memiliki letak yang cukup strategis sehingga membuat perjalanan wisata anda lebih mudah karena anda hanya membutuhkan 60 – 90 menit dengan kendaraan menuju Bandara Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) .

5 menit menuju Stasiun Kereta Tugu dan 15 menit menuju Terminal Bus Giwangan.

Anda juga hanya membutuhkan waktu 5 menit bila ingin berkunjung ke areal lesehan Malioboro untuk menikmati berbagai hidangan khas Jogja di malam hari atau untuk berbelanja oleh-oleh khas Jogja di Beringharjo.

Hanya dengan 10 menit anda akan sampai di Kraton Jogja, Istana Negara, Benteng Vredeburg, Pemandian Raja Taman Sari, Pusat Batik dan Pementasan Seni Tari Ramayana.

Selain itu, anda hanya butuh waktu 40 menit untuk sampai ke Candi Prambanan yang merupakan candi Hindu terbesar di Asia Tenggara, dan 45 menit untuk dapat melihat Candi Borobudur yang dikenal sebagai candi Budha terbesar di dunia.